mizzy with his wife and twin daughters
Hello! And welcome to my online photography portfolio.  I discovered my love for taking pictures when I was nine years old, while I was learning about cameras and photography from my father who was and still is an avid photographer and camera collector.  Today, I shoot mainly digital, but whenever I can I will shoot film with my Leica, Rolleiflex, or Hasselblad cameras.  I appreciate the precision and malleability of digital photos, yet there is something special about making images with a camera from as early as the 1930's- the lenses, the film, seeing the light differently.  Those elements cannot be recreated in post production.  
Nowadays, I have a few irons in the fire: my teaching career, coaching soccer, and most importantly, being a husband and father.  I am lucky enough that my teaching assignment includes three sections of photography, so I get to teach something I love. Often when I have client shoots, I will bring along a couple of my high school photography students so that they can get real world experience. These kids have done engagement, wedding, and life style portrait shoots. Anytime I can get them out to shoot with me, I do. As of May of 2020, my photo program became the only high school in country to become a Nikon Educational Partner. Nikon truly believes in what e are doing, and how we are developing great young photographers. If you hire me, expect some extra help- I want my students to have the confidence and knowledge to create jobs for themselves after they leave high school. I hope you enjoy my images, and if you’re interested in working together, send me an email! 
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